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  • Remote Work Survey

    Dear Indianapolis Chapter Members!

    We know you have been wondering what other companies and organizations are doing in terms of bringing people back to the office. Some of us have been told that we have to go back to "normal" and some are still working remotely. If you are curious about the data that could provide some insights into the current Indianapolis market, please feel out this short survey - only 7 questions. We will collect the results and provide this information as an additional benefit for our chapter members. The more people fill the survey the more accurate picture will be able to build. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day wherever you are!

    Indianapolis Chapter Board

  • Participate in Lean Accounting Research Survey

    You are invited to participate in a dissertation research survey and gain a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. The research project will investigate the impacts of using lean accounting on the strategic partnership and collaboration between management accountants and operations managers and manufacturing plant performance, specifically in manufacturing companies that have adopted lean manufacturing tools and/or practices. This research study is being conducted by Colleen McClain Mpofu, a doctoral student at University of Missouri- St. Louis, as part of her dissertation research. Your participation will involve responding to survey questions. We anticipate that this survey will take 30 minutes or less.  


    You must be at least 18 years old and be a management accountant or in operations/production management in a manufacturing company that has adopted lean manufacturing practices and/or tools. Please see the attached flyer for further information. When you begin the study, you will be presented with a consent form so that you can determine whether you wish to continue.  


    If you wish to participate in the study, click the link below.

  • President's Message

    Greetings Indianapolis Chapter Members,

    No doubt this past year has been a trying time for many of us - I hope this message finds you and yours doing well in 2021 so far.

    While we are headed on an upward trajectory with the introduction of COVID-19 vaccinations and re-openings of local Indianapolis area businesses, the IMA Global organization has taken the stance of caution and have continued to restrict events to a virtual basis with Q4 being the earliest that in-person events may be sanctioned.

    During the pandemic, the Indy Chapter has been able to hold several virtual events in lieu of meeting face to face. To build on past successes, we plan to continue with social events consisting of Zoom Happy Hours and CMA Study Sessions and additionally are planning to offer CPE sessions leveraging the IMA Global platform.

    We are excited to kick-off the first virtual CPE event this year - an Introduction to Tableau session with one of our long-standing board members, Victoria Smith as the SME. Visit our event page for more information.  The event will take place, April 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

    As we continue throughout the year, we’d like to extend an open invitation to join the monthly chapter board meetings. Any member interested in making an impact, big or small, within the local Finance/Accounting community is welcomed. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in serving the IMA locally, regionally and even on a global basis.

    Yours In Service,

    -IMA Indy Chapter Board Members

  • Invitation to join IMA's Indianapolis Chapter Board of Directors

    We need your help! Please join us and become a board member. There are many benefits of serving on the board, here are some of them:


    • Access professional networks. Sitting on a nonprofit board allows you to broaden your professional associations by providing access to new networks that may not have been previously available or considered.
    • Gain different skill sets. Board service involves leadership, decision making, facilitating group process, governance, financial management, marketing, and branding—all skills you can develop and apply in your professional life.
    • Create good will. Doing good things in your community can go a long way in the professional world. It can bolster your credibility and show that you have an interest in making the world you live in a better place—something an employer would likely consider a valuable quality!


    We are looking to fill the following positions:


    • Social Media Director
    • Director of Student Activities
    • Director of Special Activities


    Please let us know by March 30, 2021 by e-mailing